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Our Mantra

  • SeeSee
  • LiveLive
  • TransformTransform

Our purpose

"Give all Mexicans the possibility to see well and transform their lives"

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Letter from our Founders

Our mission is ambitious and the challenges we have faced are not trivial.

In the face of adversity we always return to our roots, we strive to eliminate needless blindness in Mexico. salauno’s interdisciplinary team is confident that that someday we will achieve it. We have designed an organization capable of evolving, innovating, and disrupting the status quo in order to transform the health system in Mexico.

We are on the right course to accomplish our objective. For our next steps, we would like to count on you and your institution to change more lives.

Together we will make it!

Our allies

We have changed the lives of thousands of people with the support of our friends.

  • Goverment

  • Instituto Politécnico Nacional

    Through a partnership with Instituto Politecnico Nacional, we offer a specialty course in ophthalmology for nurses.

  • Universidad de Duke y Anáhuac

    Together with Duke University and Anahuac University, we develop ophthalmologists specialized in cataracts.

    Instituto Politécnico Nacional

    With Aravind, we train staff in managing high patient volumes

  • Endeavor México

  • Monte de Piedad

    Points of diagnosis and patient reference at branches within the Valley of Mexico

  • Walmart y fundación Best

    Strategic alliance to create patient reference channels in 210 pharmacies and 90 optic shops for specialized treatment in salauno

  • IFC y Adobe Capital

    Our investment partners

  • Cinepolis

    Through the program “Del Amor Nace La Vista”, we operate on 1500 low-income cataract patients per year

  • LabUno

    Thanks to them, we are able to reduce the variable cost of our surgeries by 35%

  • You


Our path transforming lives

  • In Mexico, more than 2 million people have cataracts and of those people 700,000 are blind. In addition 3% of the population has glaucoma and 3.5% has diabetic retinopathy, both can lead to blindness if not treated on time. Of the 60% of the population that needs visual correction only 30% use it.

    With the support of our investors, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Adobe Capital, we have formed alliances with the government, NGOs and private institutions to provide integrated and cost-effective solutions for the Mexican population.

    In less than 3 years, we have attended more than 70,000 patients and conducted more than 7,000 cataract surgeries among other treatments that have transformed the lives of thousands of Mexican families.

    In January 2013, salauno conducted more cataract surgeries than any other hospital in Mexico City. This fact demonstrates our high quality and world-class efficiency.

  • We are a social enterprise specializing in eye care, committed to providing treatments of high impact, low cost and high quality.

    Blindness is the 2nd leading cause of disability in Mexico

    Gráfica ceguera

    *67% of the cases are caused by cataracts

    +2 million mexicans suffer from cataracts

    * salauno estimates, using data from the OMS

  • With the support of our shareholders, World Bank (IFC) and Adobe Capital, today cosntruímos solutions to cater to cost-effectively to the public in partnership with government, foundations and private institutions.

    In less than 3 years we have treated more than 70,000 patients and performed over 7,000 cataract surgeries among other ailments that have transformed the lives of thousands of Mexican families.

    In January 2013, we were the most cataracts operated hospital in Mexico City showing levels of quality and world-class efficiencies.

  • Our goal

    75,000 annual surgeries by 2020

    salauno’s operating model is designed in such a way that cross-subsidies allow our prices to be 60% less than the competition. Thus giving the government the ability to provide attention for more people with the same budget.

    The future is full of big challenges; our goal is to achieve 70,000 annual surgeries by 2020. Accomplishing this goal will require effort and determination to keep transforming Mexico.


The team’s effort in these first 30 months is translated into:

The salauno system

We built a health system with multiple levels of service and geographical regions to reach all of Mexico.

  • Our initiatives (Center’s attention capacity)
  • “Vision guardians” campaigns (5 thousand people)
  • Vision Centers (50 thousand people)
  • Community clinics (Half to one thousand people)
  • Surgical Centers (5 million people)
  • National Institute (50 million people)

* The graph seeks to represent the exponential growth of the system, but not the exact numbers of infrastructure and/or programs.

Our comprehensive solutions

We offer new solutions focalized on patients, government or other organizations.

  1. Patients( salauno - consumer )
    • visual problems are handled
    • we have various payment methods
    • our prices are affordable
    • generate experiences, we are different
  2. Companies ( salauno - private sector )
    • medical equipment supplies comprehensive service
    • business campaigns
    • vision centers
    • eyecare packages
  3. Government ( salauno - public sector )
    • Service mobility
      • We build and remodel clinics at medium term contracts (7 years) – APP
    • Increase productive capacity.
      • Integrated service. We achieve hospital efficiency by offering processes, technician/administration trainings, materials and equipment.
      • Subrogation. We outsource salauno’s facilities to make up for government institutions lack of capacity to operate patients in a prompt and timely manner.
      • Staff training. We offer trainings to improve human resources: ophthalmologists, nurses and optometrists.
    • Attention for remote locations.
      • Mobile units and telemedicine. We reach out to remote areas using mobile technology


These are some of the dreams that we could do together
  • "It's very nice to be able to distinguish my people"-Ma. del Carmen Luna

    It's very nice to be able to distinguish my people
  • "I feel proud to see where I'm going"-Hortina Hernández

    I feel proud to see where I'm going
  • Cataract


  • "Now I can handle my taxi again"-Alberto Gómez

  • "I do not do battle with the thread and needle"-Martha Ruíz


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